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Recreation Department

Essex Fells Recreation Department

Summer Rec Camp

The Recreation Department offers a Summer Camp (known as "Summer Rec") for boys and girls from Pre-K through the 6th grade. Summer Rec is hosted at the Essex Fells School and runs for 5 weeks, typically from the last week in June through the end of July/beginning of August.


The Recreation Department offers the following programs for soccer, for both boys and girls. The offerings typically run in the Fall, from September through November, and are as follows:

  • Clinics for Pre-K/Kindergarten
  • League play for the 1st thru 8th grade age groups
  • For information on both Fall and Spring Travel Soccer for the 1st thru 8th grade age groups, please contact Ken Simon at
  • For information on Sports Domain Academy (SDA) Soccer Camps, which run in August for ages 3-12, please contact Sports Domain Academy at


The Recreation Department offers the following programs for basketball, for both boys and girls. These run in the Winter, from late November through February, and are as follows:

  • Clinics for Kindergarten thru 2nd Graders
  • League play for the 3rd thru 8th grade age groups


For information on Lacrosse, which typically runs in the Spring, please contact the West Essex Lacrosse Clubs.

  • Boys, Grades 1 - 8: West Essex Boys Lacrosse Club visit for more information.
  • Girls, Grades 1 - 8: West Essex Girls Lacrosse Club - email

Tee Ball, Baseball, and Softball

The Recreation Department offers the following programs for baseball (for boys) and softball (for girls). The offerings typically run in the Spring, from April through June, and are as follows:

  • Clinics for Pre-K/K Ages
  • Clinics for 1st & 2nd Graders
  • League play for the 3rd thru 8th grade age group

Track and Field

The Recreation Department offers a track and field program for both boys and girls in Grades 4 through 8. The program typically runs in the Spring, from April through June.

Lombardy Field House Dedication


Hundreds of kids of Essex Fells, who today now can range from their early 30s to their young teens owe such great memories of their childhoods and their love of athletics to one, wonderful person, Rob Lombardy.  Hundreds.

Seventeen years ago, when we first met, I immediately loved this man.  He was smart, kind, had an air of integrity and niceness, and immediately convinced me that he was driven to do the very best for the kids of Essex Fells, most of whom he didn’t even know, but that never mattered to him; he just wanted to do the very best for them.  That was immediately apparent to me and to everyone who had the privilege of working alongside Rob. 

Early on - I honestly kept switching names for him, “Rob” “Bob” “Rob”… I think I may have even called him Mike Coletti once  - and he either would not correct me or would respond to both! - I immediately loved this man, his demeanor, his temperament, his commitment to the kids of Essex Fells and to the importance of recreational activities, and his good, common sense and sound judgment.

I wrote about an experience that Rob and I shared when he first became Recreation Director and we had acquired the old Bible College property where we stand today.  The Borough had acquired dilapidated buildings and practically abandoned property, and then we sketched out what we thought we could do with it.  And then I gave it to Rob and said, “do with it what you will, but make it so.”  And without fanfare or fuss, Rob made it happen and no one, not the residents, not the Council, and certainly not me ever doubted or questioned his vision.  Today, the fields you see today are the envy of many towns and it was all due in large part to the vision of Rob.  And his vision for the Essex Fells Recreation Department is being carried on to this very day, by his daughter Lauren.

No matter the event, Soccer Day, lacrosse practices, whatever, there he was, running around making sure everything was running smoothly and on time, fixing things at the last minute, answering questions, problem solving, but always, ALWAYS, calm, in control, and always with that Rob Lombardy smile. 

Rob and I shared many special moments together – many - most of which dealt with dealing with our residents.  Without getting into the dirt of the details, at the end of the day, and with some degree of incredulity over the complaints, criticisms, comments, compliments, demands, or circumstances - because, what harder job is there to do than to try to please parents when dealing with their kids and their money!  – we would laugh together in a wonderful spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Rob always negotiated those troubled waters with professionalism, politeness, with style and with grace.  Rob loved Essex Fells and Essex Fells loves Rob Lombardy.

Rob was always on.  Always our Recreation Director.  I was told that he was proud to have that title - And we were proud and so privileged to have him.  To his wife Barbara, to his children, and to the entire Lombardy family, there are no words of mine that can adequately express how much we in town appreciate you and thank you for your sharing Rob with us in Essex Fells.

And so as the Mayor of Essex Fells, and on behalf of the Council, the Essex Fells Recreation Department, the residents of a grateful Borough, and the hundreds of people, once kids and now young adults, who have become to be better people because of the great work and love that Rob Lombardy so willing gave to each of them, we have invited you here this day. 

Going forward from now on, for many, many, many years, when people ask us, “What is this building called  - that stands hard by, that stands at the pinnacle of our bucolic recreation area, that constantly overlooks the fields of Egan, Veterans, and Volunteers, that stands here as a beacon ever watching over, and caring for, the children of Essex Fells?”  We shall say, most proudly, “We call this the Robert V. Lombardy, Sr. Field House, dedicated this day, May 13, 2017, in honor of, in appreciation of, and in tribute to, our Recreation Director and our dear friend.”

God bless Rob, God Bless Barbara and the Lombardy family, God Bless Essex Fells and God Bless these United States.


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