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Taxes, Water and Sewer

Look Up Your Property
Taxes Online

Borough Residents wishing to view their Property Taxcharges please click the link below.

Calling All Veterans

Register with the Mayor for upcoming Veteran's events by emailing Provide your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, branch and years of service, and rank.

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage and Recycling

Garbage disposal is the responsibility of the resident and they must contract with a private waste hauler for pickup. Residents can bring their recycling to the Recycling Center. Please check the link below for information.


Prepare Before
Clean-up & Repair

When working on home and/or business repair be sure to both protect yourself when cleaning mold and beware of asbestos. Get further info via the flyer provided below.

Dumpster and POD Permits Required

Dumpster and POD
Permits Required

Essex County Division of Senior Services

Essex County Division
of Senior Services

This Division offers a wide range of services to Essex County Senior Citizens, such as adult day care centers and basic transportation services.

For more information, please call the Division of Senior Services at...
(973) 395-8375

Buy a Paver and Support Essex Fells

Buy a Brick
Support Our Youth

The Essex Fells Recreation Foundation invites you to participate in the Buy a Brick Program!

When you purchase a personalized brick that will line the entrance to the new Fieldhouse at the Recreation complex, you are supporting the development of the youth in our community.

Car Theft Advisory

Residents Urged to Lock Car Doors After Recent Break-Ins

The Essex Fells Police Department would like to remind residents to always lock their car doors to recent car burglaries and vehicle thefts in the area. The vehicles that were entered were left unlocked.

Residents are also reminded to remove any valuable items inside their vehicles such as GPS units, iPods and other electronic devices. As always please call us to report any suspicious activity.

Senior Citizens Get-Together

Essex Fell's Senior 
Residents are invited to a Get-Together on Monday, September 12, 2016 at 66 Holton Lane beginning at 7 p.m.

For information and to RSVP please contact Mayor Ed Abbot at and 917-224-5312, or Council President Patricia Wahl at and 201-259-9632.

28 Senior Citizens Receive Recognition at the Annual Essex Co. Senior Citizens Juried Art Show

Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. congratulated 28 Essex County artists who received awards in the Annual Essex County Senior Citizens Juried Art Show. The artists were recognized during an awards ceremony on Monday, August 29th at the Essex County Hospital Center in Cedar Grove.

“I congratulate the winners and all the artists who participated in this year’s Senior Art Show. The talent displayed by our senior artists is truly amazing and the artwork is inspiring,” DiVincenzo said. “Essex County has a thriving fine arts community and our Senior Art Show enables our older residents, both professionals and non-professionals, to display their original creations where the public can see them. This is an excellent event for us to promote the arts and inspire our residents to use their talents,” he added.

“It’s a great treat to see the creativity and expression by our older residents, who are our greatest resource,” NJ State Senator and Deputy Chief of Staff Teresa Ruiz said. “The purpose of government is to provide something different segments of our population and this is a shining example of that,” she added.

Artists, and the awards they received, are as follows:

Sewer Line & Water Main Updates

Crews will be throughout the borough for the next two weeks, we are updating information on sewer lines and water mains within the borough.

FEMA Region Hurricane Prepardeness Tip

Know where to go. If you are ordered to evacuate, know the local tiurricane evacuation route(s) to take and have a plan for where you can stay. Contact your local emergency management agency for more information.
•    Put together a disaster supply kit, including a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, and copies of your critical information if you need to evacuate.
•    If you are not in an area that is advised to evacuate and you decide to stay in your home, plan for adequate supplies in case you lose power and water for several days and you are not able to leave due to flooding or blocked roads.
•    Make a family emergency communication plan.
•    Many communities have text or email alerting systems for emergency notifications. To find out what alerts are available in your area, search the Internet with your town, city, or county name and the word

Old Street Signs are Available for Bid

Old Street Signs are available to bid on, please contact Borough Hall at (973) 226-3400 to find out if your street is still available.

PSE&G Offers Money-Saving Hot Weather Tips

On the first official day of summer, Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, reminds customers that higher temperatures can also lead to more usage and higher electric bills. Customers can save energy and money this summer by following a few easy and inexpensive tips.

Reminder - Bill Paying

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to make sure all your accounts are current.

State Statue mandates Taxes are due quarterly – February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st

Water Meters are read quarterly and your bill is based on your consumption.

Annual Sewer Bill is due July 1st for the current calendar year .

Controlling Mosquitoes in Your Municipality

As summer approaches, and concerns over the Zika virus grow, DEP’s Office of Mosquito Control Coordination is pleased to pass along to local government officials a few suggestions about how to reduce the mosquito population in your community.

The Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a tropical, urban-dwelling mosquito. Although this species of mosquito has occasionally been found in New Jersey in very small numbers, it is unlikely to establish a permanent population in the state due to our moderate climate. But with concern growing about the Zika virus, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is working closely with county mosquito agencies (which have the lead for mosquito control in New Jersey) to ensure that they have the resources needed to identify and, if found, control this mosquito.

The most effective way to reduce much of the mosquito population (including the Aedes aegypti and its important relative the Asian tiger mosquito) is to eliminate their breeding grounds – standing water. Even a bottle cap filled with water can be an attractive mosquito breeding ground as they are both known as container breeders and thus prefer to lay their eggs in buckets, tires, and saucers under potted plants, for example.

Your municipal employees can help support the work of your county mosquito agencies by a few, easy-to-follow steps:


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