Elected Officials

Mayor Edward P. Abbot

(973) 226-3400

Ed Abbot has been the Mayor of Essex Fells, New Jersey since January 2002, and previously served as Councilman from 1998 to 2000. In addition to his duties and responsibilities as Mayor, Ed Abbot is a volunteer firefighter (#135) with the Essex Fells Fire Department (being named Fireman of the Year – 1998), serves on the Essex Fells Planning Board, and is Chairman of the Essex Fells Historical Committee. Previously on the Essex Fells Council, Mr. Abbot served as Chairman of the Police, Fire, Public Affairs and Public Works Committees. Further, he has served as the Secretary of the Essex Fells Fire Company, a member of the Essex Fells Board of Health, a Volunteer Coach with the Essex Fells Board of Recreation, a member of the Essex Fells Skating Pond Committee, and a member of the Essex Fells Conservancy. Given the unique, special character and small town feel of Essex Fells, Mayor Abbot is often quoted as saying that Essex Fells “is the town that time forgot. We really do look after, and care for, one another. It’s an extraordinarily special little town, one where the sense of volunteerism is very much alive.”

Mayor Abbot and his family, wife Jill, son Ted, and daughter Kelly, moved to Essex Fells in 1992. Both he and his wife attended West Essex Regional High School. Ed went on to attend the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and later the Fordham University School of Law in New York, New York. He is an attorney and partner at Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young, LLP with his practice in New York City.